Icetonair presents you with air and water-cooled screw chillers that can be integrated and are the right choice for tight temperature control in virtually any application. We are adding new generation chillers with refrigerant R134a to the existing range of R22-Air Cooled as well as water cooled screw chillers. These are robust and energy-efficient, developed with the latest technology, including DX coolers that are highly efficient, R134a optimized screw compressor and condensers that are air-cooled. The latest generation coolers are incorporated with copper tubes, highly efficient and of refined quality.

These chillers are easy to install and you can choose them across a wide range of capacity, from 1 TR to 1000 TR. You can manage your cooling requirement  using these devices, as they come with multiple configurations in their compressors. This makes them compatible with hotels, office spaces, shopping malls,  hospitals, multiplexes and requirements for process cooling.


Air Handing Units

You can use an Air Handling Unit (AHU) to condition air and circulate it in a ventilated, heated or air-conditioned system. Air handling units(AHU) are the lungs of any HVAC system. It takes in air from outside and conditions it. Then the fresh air is supplied to the building. It discharges all exhaust air, thus enhancing  the quality of air inside the space. The air can be heated or cooled, using the respective coils, as per the temperature requirements inside the room.

In buildings where you need lower hygienic requirements, a mixing chamber is used to re-circulate a part of the air from the room. It will save you a considerable amount of energy. The dampers present in a mixing chamber control the ratio of exhaust air, air present inside the room and outside.The AHU consists of separate ventilators for exhaust air, supplying fresh air, heating cooling and heat recovery systems, Fan, Motor, heating and cooling coils, air filters chambers, mixing chambers, dampers and sound attenuates. It is a large box made of metal sandwich PUF insulated panel, where the heating and cooling recovery system is  installed to increase the capacity and save energy.


Air Washers

The air washes we provide are of compressive range. These are also known as Humidification Plant or evaporation cooling system. You can get an ideal individual solution for your comfort and process requirements. Optimizing the energy is one of our key concerns, so our R&D and research teams concentrates on developing Integrated Climate Control solutions with optimized energy.

Our experts design and develop these systems, taking into account all the sources of heat in the area. We also take into account the necessary level of humidity in the conditioned area while developing these products. However, you may need chilled water spray during hot weather to control the temperature, or when the level of humidity is high. In winters, you may have to heat it. We consider the heat load concentration while developing the systems for supplying and returning air. This prevents the formation of hot zones and maintains a uniform weather condition.


We supplied top-rated dehumidifier in India. Our experienced group of professionals is equipped with the best technical know how. We keep the end goals of our customers in mind while developing these systems. These are high-quality products, tailored to suit the requirements of HVAC & R systems.