Icetonair Innovation is one of the leading providers of innovation and cutting-edge technological Turnkey Solution in Pharmaceuticals HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), Clean Room, Utility Piping, Electrical and Validation and documentation to a wide variety of industries all over the globe.Intellect stringently strives to keep their products relevant with all International Standards. Our HVAC, Clean room services are trusted by clients worldwide since we adhere to the strict standards of organizations such as the ISO, FDA, USFDA, WHO, TGA, MHRA, ASHRAE, ISHRAE, Etc..



  •    Area Survey and feasibility study
  •   Classification As per Facility requirements
  •   Thermal Heat Load Calculation
  •   Design DUCT, Piping, Zoning etc.
  •   Design, Supply and Installation for HVAC Systems
  •   Balancing Air pressure, Flow, Temp., Humidity, Etc




Clean rooms are uniquely constructed and comprises of every element built during production so as to live up to the requirements of the industry.  Modular clean rooms can also provide a controlled environment in terms of temperature, humidity levels and air pressure. While constructing a clean room, proper planning has to be adopted. Customized room partitions and ceiling systems are necessary to make your interiors more elegant and chic. At the same time, it has to go well with the architecture of the building and dust free surface finishing. At Intellect, you will come across a vast range of ceiling systems and clean room partitions. It is necessary for these accessories to meet the technical requirements and tailored specifications of your rooms.  One can get the exact requirements here for controlled environments like microelectronics, biotech, pharmaceutical and food processing plants. The ceiling panels are of refined grade and can bear considerable amount of load. This panel surface is of smooth finish and all corners are curved finish, so dust is least likely to accumulate. We can manufacture ceiling panels that are cut-outs like heap box and lighting during the production phase. A modular clean room gives you a customized clean environment that is offered by us at a negotiable cost and time associated with a conventional clean room.


The interior accessories available at Intellect include:


Class 1 and 10 are generally used for integrated circuit and semi-conductor manufacture.

Class 100are often used by the electronics industry alone with some applications with pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Class 1,000 to 10,000 are used by manufacturers of the highest specification fibre optics, precision engineering, sterile packaging and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Class 100,000 is adequate for general component assembly and packaging

  • Area Survey and feasibility study
  • Classification As per Facility requirements
  • Design Door, light Fixtures, Electrical Layouts.
  • Utility Piping and Machine Layouts
  • Documents as per the guidelines (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ)

The products and services that we provide are aimed at but not limited to Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. We also work with clients from other fields like hotels, food and beverage industry, biotechnology are more. Our products and services can be put to use in Pharmaceutical industrial applications like

Tablet and capsule Facility.

Dry Powder Facility.

Injectable Facility.

Oral Drugs Facility.

Parental Facility.

Packing Facility.

A.P.I Plant Facility.

Q.C Lab. Facility.


Hygiene Is Very Important When It Comes To Hospitals, Especially The Operation Theater.  In Health Care Industries As Well, How Space Conditions Impact The Infection Control Being Made Is Of Primary Importance. This Is Why, Icetonair Innovation Provides Inventive And Technologically Up-to-date Solutions That Help Health Care Industries Carry Out Their Tasks While N Compliance With The Legal Requirements Laid Out By The National And International Standard Organization. Our Healthcare Division Ensures That We Meet The Standards Of NABH, WHO And cGMP. Our Services For Healthcare Include Modular Operation, High Performed Laminar Air Flow (LAF) For Operation Theater, Hygienic Modular Clean Rooms And IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) Labs Etc. Our Innovative Technologies Offer You Most Modern Solution In Critical Environment Solution.


In an Operation theater,  the working environment for medical staff such as doctors and nurses must be considered from the view point of human engineering. Modular Operation Theater is pre-engineered systems with hygienic quality finishing. Modular room advantage of fast construction and excellent quality pre finished suitable for contamination control space.

We offer customized contamination controlled (Bacteria free) Pre-fabricated panels for wall and false ceiling, class100 Laminar flow station vinyl and anti-static flooring, hermetically sealed doors (Sliding/Hinge), surgeon control panel, surgical scrub sink, ceiling pendants, x-ray viewer boxes, Air handling Units, Air cooled & water cooled chillers, air showers, Hatch/Pass box, Pre-fabricated ducting,UV Lamp etc..

In operation theatres, we provide the following:

  • Modular Clean rooms walls and ceiling panels, both progressive and non-progressive and insulated in polyurethane foam (PUF). The Matt/ Mirror Finish surface is coated with PCGI (Pre coated/ Powder coated) or S.S (Stainless Steel).
  • Purified Air conditioning system distributes air in proper HEPA (High Efficiency particular air) Filters to maintain cleanliness standards.
  • High hygienic laminar air flow covers the operation table area.
  • Clean room Door is insulated with PUF or Honeycomb Craft. The type of operation can be swing or sliding and manual or automatic, depending on your requirement.
  • The surgeon control panel includes temperature control, humidity, local standard time, operating time, anaesthesia time with all medical gases alarm systems etc. This panel can also be customized as per your requirements.
  • The systems control panel manages the electrical requirements and has all the necessary indicators and controls for equipments.
  • Antibacterial Flooring and covings, made with quality materials, provide a smooth surface that is stain proof, easy to clean and most importantly it keeps our modular clean room anti-static. Available in a wide range of colours and designs.
  • V (Ultra violet) Lights to control all pathogens
  • Universal operation table with all functions.
  • Medical ceiling utility pendants designed to load surgical instruments, Laparoscope, Anaesthesia machine, patient monitor etc. Light pendants are available in flexible single or double arms.
  • Operation theatre lights are high quality with latest technologies and incorporated camera systems for communicative and documentation solution.
  • Medical gas pipeline systems.
  • Static and dynamic pass through box with interlocking systems for material transfer from the clean room to other areas to avoid cross contamination.
  • Customized surgical scrub sinks that are made out of stainless steel.

X-Ray Viewers are noiseless and easy to maintain.We also provide stainless steel hospital furniture like writing tables, trolleys etc.


When you look out for the best blend of intellect and professionalism in developing electrical systems, simply rely on us. We offer a well-developed infrastructure to design electrical with all the necessary equipment, customized to the needs of our clients.  The electrical system has to be treated with professionalism and care, so that your air condition systems remains functionally optimized round the clock. We design these air condition equipment, ensuring a seamless functioning of all the components. If you want a professional hand to leverage the infrastructure of your plant, count on us. We can deliver exactly what you need. From the initial planning process to the post-installation process, we shoulder all the responsibilities to provide you a hassle-free infrastructure.The process of designing commences with the identification of power distribution needs of the clients. We chalk out a detailed plan and carry out the detailed engineering tasks after it is approved. Our experts stick to the recommendations of our clients, providing picture-perfect solution for all your HVAC & cleanroom requirements. The packages in electrical systems that we develop include:

  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Electric load analysis and distribution
  • HV, MV and LV Distribution panel
  • Power distribution up to the socket level
  • Complete cable route work
  • Internal and external lighting works
  • Complete clean room lighting



You need various types of utility pipes inside the clean room for carrying out the desired processes. These are subjected to customization, according to the needs of the customers. We develop these utilities for your clean rooms. Over the past years our team of HVAC engineers AT INTELLECT have used advanced technologies on several fronts and contributed to make the installation of process piping more efficient. Our team  possesses substantial experience in integrating it into the clean room to ensure seamless solutions. Cooling Tower and chillier Pipe line. Process cooling water system including heat exchangers. Compressed dry air. Process vacuum.

Ultra pure water plant (RO,DI,DM,WFI etc.).Oxygen Gas pipeline

  • Cooling Tower and chillier Pipe line
  • Process cooling water system including heat exchanges
  • Compressed dry air
  • Process vacuum
  • Ultra pure water plant (RO,DI,DM,WFI etc.) & Oxygen Gas pipeline


We provide our services in Calibration, HVAC and Clean Room Validation. Well, you might be concerned about the testing methodologies adopted by us, and the authenticity of these tests. Our testing and validation methods and documentation strategies are deigned in compliance with the latest ISO 14644, GMP Guidelines, of both international and national standards. These include TGA (Australia), USFDA, WHO, M (National Standard), MHRA (countries in Europe) and other standards. Experts from various domains provide us with a reliable backup. They keep their eyes open on the guidelines, regulatory bodies and international developments that are relevant to the industry. In the process,  we keep ourselves updated with the latest developments in the industry and raise the standard of our services to the highest level.

  • Air velocity/ACPH Test
  • Air Balancing/Diff. Pressure balancing
  • Temperature and Relative test
  • Air bone Particle Count Test (Static & Dynamic)
  • HEPA leakage test (PAO Test)
  • Flow integrity test with camera
  • Recovery&Sweep test
  • Light intensity level test
  • Sound pressure level test
  • Flooringresistance test
  • Floor vibration test
  • Wall conductivity test

# Calibration of magnetically and pressure gauge

  • Documentation of HVAC & Clean Room Equipment
  • Qualification of Documents of HVAC System.
  • Design Qualification.
  • Installation Qualification.
  • Operational Qualification.
  • Performances Qualification.