TYPE OF PANELS


Description Progressive panel Non Progressive panel
Material of Construction PPGI, S.S PPGI, PCGI, Aluminum,  S.S, HCL
Type of joint Tongue and groove Groove joint With Aluminum/G.I Connector
Panel Thickness 35, 50,60,80,100,150mm 50,60,80,100,120mm
Sheet Thickness 0.45, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8 mm 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1 , 1.2mm (HCL -4mm)
Frame type Tongue and grooveself-joint G.I / Aluminum Extruded section
Insulation PUF / Rockwool PUF / Rockwool, Honeycomb alu. Paper craft, etc
Panel Width 1000 -1200mm 1000 -1200mm
Panel Height Up to 9Mtr. Up to 3.8 Mtr.
Color White White / Custom
Joints Gap Max 3 to 4mm Max 3 to 4mm
Gap Filling Material Silicon Sealant Silicon Sealant
Return air Riser No provision Inbuilt from 80mm – 120mm wall panel
View Glass Only Site Fabricated Provision Factory Fabricated Provision provided
Cutouts Only Site Fabricated Provision Factory/Site Fabricated Provision provide



Wall panels are among the vital and mandatory ingredients of a clean room.We offer standardized wall panels to its customers which are produced to meet the general requirements. One can also request for customized wall panels. It is one of the best accessories we offer, in terms of  quality and fittings.





Ceiling panels are among the foremost and high priority components when you think of a clean room. You need a flawless and exemplary ceiling for an impeccable clean room design. These ceilings are designed according to the necessary fittings, so that it metamorphoses a part of the room seamlessly. Besides, the quality factor is inevitably a part of the company’s hallmarks. It goes absolutely well with the rest of the paneling. The ceiling panels are well-fitted in the room, held together with an aluminium grid matrix, using silicon sealant. It looks picture-perfect and enhances the architectural demeanor of the room.



  • Modular Panels Advantage
  • Wall and ceiling panels can be re used or re- located.
  • Factory made structures so only installation at site.
  • Inbuilt provisions for electrical conduits , pipe lines in the panels
  • No separate painting is required on these panels as they are colors coated
  • Maintenance free for years
  • Faster installation as compared to civil walls with larger room space
  • Higher insulation & acoustic properties
  • Thinner and light weight structure with hygienic dust free solution
  • Project completion in much faster as compare to civil work
  • No lintel required for doors when used with or panels
  • Wall panels : PUF, Rockwool, Paper Honey Comb
  • Class 100 & better (ISO6 & better) can be easily achieved which may be not be possible in structural type of clean room without false ceiling
  • Density 45kg/m3 Polyurethane (PUF) insulation
  • Density 96 Kg/m3 Rockwool (RW) & Above
  • Less joint as compared to any other system of panel design
  • Floor Track- Aluminum /Galvanized Iron Floor track , 100% demountable
  • Intellect Systems are perfectly airtight, hence no problem in pressure balancing and cross contamination



At Icetonair, you will discover a wide range of doors, compatible with clean rooms. The scientific doors are strong and rigid, with vertical interlocked edges, adding to their strength. These clean room doors can be used for both light and heavy purposes and are durable enough in all conditions.


Door Shutters are Powder coated Galvanized steel sheet CNC formed shutter with internal stiffeners, 3 mm Thick Hinges reinforcing, hardware mounting plates and lock protection Door frame pre galvanized steel sheet with mitered and welded corners, frame stretchers, hinge reinforcing plates, ?xing plates and hardware mounting plates.

Single Doors Width 750,800,900,1000,1200
Double Doors Width 1200,1300,1400,1500,1800,1900,2000,2100,2200,2400
Door Height 2100 mm
Shutter Thickness 0.5, 0.6, 0.8
Frame Thickness 1.2 / 1.6 mm
Insulation PUF / Rockwool, Honeycomb Aluminum Paper craft, etc
Color White / Blue / Custom
Frame assembly Welded construction with frame spreaders. Bolted Frame construction


Type of Metal sandwich doors

  • Clean room Door
  • Scientific door
  • Fire rated door
  • Acoustic door
  • Emergency door
  • Sliding Door



We design double view glass panels for clean rooms. The framework of these panels is produced with galvanized sheet or extruded aluminum profiles. These frameworks can be fixed on both faces of the walls. We line the internal face of this framework with aluminum / powder coated galvanized composite panel. Both the faces of the window frames are lined with plain frost glass, 4/5-mm in thickness. We also use toughened glass for the purpose, installing it with adhesive tapes. These tapes are double sided and strengthen the bond. A sealing material is used to fill the glass periphery. Generally, we use acrylic silicon sealant, as required. We further strengthen the window with silica. This acts as a breather, absorbing the moisture that the vision panel traps inside it. This panel can be fixed in the opening of the window that is made in the wall, with a thickness between 150 and 400 mm, or even more.


Clean rooms are generally developed for maintaining a hygienic environment, especially for Pharmaceutical, laboratories, Operation Theaters, Food Industries and other areas. The light fixtures in these areas should be free from dust. We provide luminaries that are dust-free and easy to clean. These rooms need special IP65 that comply to advanced manufacturing technology as per international standards today. LED lights are extensively used in clean rooms. We install the same in your areas, as these lights have a longer lifespan than fluorescent lights. An excellent feature about these lights is the fact that they can provide you maintenance-free services over 50,000 hours. When you buy these lights, you can optimize your cost and get good returns in the long term. The ability to render high color and seamless performance of these lights makes it ideal for industries.It is also used in clothing and graphical industries, as it are crucial to differentiate between different colors in these places.


The polyurethane and epoxy systems are of high-quality, making them the ideal materials to develop the surfaces of clean-room floors. These are in addition used in R&D laboratories and processing lines. You will find it trouble-free to maintain these floors and they are resistant to chemicals. The waterproof finish makes them suitable for clean rooms and these can be used in sterile environments to carry out processing. The seamless finish and high gloss of these floors refine their demeanor. They do not develop cracks where dust can settle in. You can decontaminate and clean these floors easily.




High-grade PVC materials are used for these vinyl flooring. This is ideal for hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Installation of these floors brings down the spread of germs. You can get these in the form of rolls. These are resistant to the growth of fungus and bacteria. They also reduce the impact of sound.





These floors come with anti-static coatings, which can safely control static electrical charge accumulating from the movement of a person on a polymer floor. It reduces the risks of electrostatic discharge on accidental basis, securing your sensitive electronic devices around the area.