Terminal HEPA Boxes

Clean room requires customized HEPA boxes, and we develop the same for our customers. These are highly tailored for the cleanrooms and are ideal for all filtration needs. The pre-and post-filters with multiple stages can detect the pressure requirement, either positive or negative. These filters include HEPA and these are ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, hospitals, clean rooms and various other applications. You can incorporate a differential pressure port in order to keep the pressure constant, or maintain a uniform air volume in multiple filters. You can choose them from a wide range of finishes, like stainless steel, galvanized steel or a powder coated finish as you desire.




Terminal Box HEPA Box details (Side Entry and Top Entry)

200 400 305  X 305 X 150 325 X 325 X 450 SIDE 250 X 125
325 X 325 X 650 TOP 225 X 200
300 600 305  X 305 X 300 325 X 325 X 550 SIDE 250 X 125
325 X 325 X 750 TOP 225 X 200
270 550 457  X 457 X 150 480 X 480 X 450 SIDE 400 X 125
480 X 480 X 650 TOP 300 X 175
550 1100 457 X 457 X 300 480 X 480 X 550 SIDE 400 X 125
480 X 480 X 750 TOP 300 X 175
340 680 508  X 508 X 150 530 X 530 X 450 SIDE 450 X 125
530 X 530 X 650 TOP 300 X 275
650 1360 508 X 508 X 300 530 X 530 X 550 SIDE 450 X 125
530 X 530 X 750 TOP 300 X 275
500 1000 610  X 610 X 150 620 X 620 X 450 SIDE 550 X 125
620 X 620 X 650 TOP 400 X 275
1000 2000 610 X 610 X 300 620 X 620 X 550 SIDE 550 X 125
620 X 620 X 750 TOP 400 X 275



Return Air Risers

You can choose different sizes of return air risers. The thickness of the sheets can also be customized according to the HVAC requirements. We manufacture these as per the specifications of our clients. The function of these risers is to enhance the quality of air in the room. This enables you to control the dust particles and pressure in the room.


Standard Return air risers

UP TO 3 MTR. W X D X H (mm) W X H (mm) W X H X D (mm) W X H (mm)
300 300 X 100 X 3000 250 X 250 240 X 240 X 25 300 X 300
400 400 X 100 X 3000 350 X 350 340 X 340 X 25 400 X 400
650 500 X 100 X 3000 450 X 400 440 X 390 X 25 500 X 450
750 600 X 100 X 3000 550 X 450 540 X 440 X 25 600 X 500
1000 800 X 100 X 3000 750 X 500 740 X 490 X 25 800 X 550
1100 900 X 100 X 3000 850 X 500 840 X 490 X 25 900 X 550
1200 1000 X 100 X 3000 950 X 500 940 X 490 X 25 1000 X 550


Collar Dampers

These are used in return, supply and exhaust air system to control the volume of air. Opposed dampers can be mounted on the back side of grills, risers or diff users. You can manually adjust the operation of the dampers, accessing them through the terminal device.





Aerofoil Dampers

Aerofoil dampers are aluminium extruded and these are of high-quality. We reduce the leakage of air through impeccable workmanship and aerodynamic shape. These are used to cut down the energy usage and in the process, saves money. The extruded sections come with neon gears concealed in them.



Fire Dampers

Another necessary component of a HVAC is fire duct dampers. These are motorized or non-motorized come with fusible links. Fire dampers are installed I the return or  supply air handling unit terminals. You often need to boost up the safety measures. These protect your system, securing it against fire.





The diffusers we provide to our clients are of refined grade. These are in good demand in various industries. Diffusers are needed in various commercial, residential and industrial establishments. Air-condition generally need diffusers that are mounted on the ceilings. Our experienced professionals develop these diffusers, monitoring them closely. We use incorporate high-grade aluminum in these components, maintaining their class and functional efficiency. You can also avail these across various designs, shapes and dimension. The pricing too, is flexible and you can choose the products from different price slabs.



You can count on us for a vast range of Grill Four Side Flange. These are in great demand in the market these days. These are required for air sectioning in industrial air conditioning application. These are extremely useful these days. We maintain high-quality while manufacturing these grills. You can convey your specific needs to us when you place your requirements. We customize them according to the needs of our clients. You can also enjoy the benefits of negotiable prices when you get these products from us.



Air curtain

We provide our customers with high-grade air curtains. If you are looking for international standards of air curtains, simply approach us. These curtains are used to maintain an environmental separation of air. Our products are designed to maintain low costs of energy and prevent contaminants in the air and flying insects from contaminating the area. You can boost up the hygiene and sanitation in the area when you install these air curtains. You can use these in various places, including shopping malls, offices, restaurants, industries and various other commercial places.