Presenting a wide range of innovative and state-of-the-art technological solutions in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), modular clean room, clean air equipment’s, utility piping, , and electrical services for businesses operating in diverse industry verticals, iCESTONAIR has created a unique space for its brand and service propositions. what makes us the preferred choice of businesses from around the world is our constant effort to adhere to even the most challenging and stringent international quality standards to ensure exceptional levels of quality for every service we offer.As the image of an organization is all about the quality it maintains while supporting and servicing its clients, we toil constantly to offer top-notch services to all our clients, irrespective of the size of their requirements. The turnkey  HVAC and clean room services offered by us are trusted by the long list of our clientele as we comply with a league of quality assessment bodies such as ISO, WHO, MHRA, ASHRAE, USFDA, FDA,  ISHRAE, NABH and TGA etc.In delivering impeccable, comprehensive projects in the fields of designing, manufacturing,commissioning, validating and servicing in HVAC and modular clean room services, we have become the most preferred service provider in india. We constantly adopt all the technological advances in the field to ensure that we are able to deliver the most technology-driven and high performing solutions to our clients, at all times.Our most valuable unique service proposition is our team of experienced and trained engineers. And as such, iCESTONAIR is fortified with a horde of experts in the field of our operation professionally trained and experienced in a league of standards from several international organizations for standardization such as iso 9001:2008 14644 – 1 to 7 etc. As per the needs of the organization we can also carry out testing/validation activities as stated by the standards.



We are a team who is obsessed with outstanding quality and the efforts that lead to it. This obsession starts from top management and extends through the entire organization. It is achieved through innovation, technical assistance and continuous improvement. We constantly endeavor to ensure that our service always exceed the quality expectations of our clients. We never shy away from walking the extra mile to improve the value of the services delivered to the client, either. We adopt the international quality standards to further improve the quality of our service deliverance wherever  there is a scope for improvement as well.